Cadillac ELR Electric Hybrid

From Cadillac’s website:

The task was daunting: Take the celebrated Converj concept vehicle, and turn it into reality. The all new 2014 ELR, with an advanced electric drive system and onboard generator powered by gas, stayed remarkably true to its original inspiration. Cadillac ELR is the perfect balance of Art & Science and the latest example of our fearless approach to automotive innovation.
The cut-and-sewn interior of the all new 2014 ELR is a destination unto itself. An open door reveals an exquisite oasis of elegance and information, providing touches that rival those of the finest homes. It’s proof that technology does indeed have a luxurious side.
The technological centerpiece of the all new ELR is an advanced electric drive system that features an onboard generator powered by gas that helps provide you with unlimited travel opportunities.
It’s nice to know your car is looking out for you. A sophisticated network of radar sensors and cameras are constantly at work within and around the all new ELR, monitoring speed, lanes and objects in its path.


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    Plugin Cars are about cool technology, so here is something of interest on Cadillac‘s latest plugin offering, that is both cool and green… WASHINGTON, D.C. – Green Car Journal today awarded the Cadillac ELR electrified luxury coupe its 2014 Green Car Technology Award for the Regen on Demand system, which allows the driver to use paddle ...