Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive


The all-new B-Class Electric is a new first — even among electric vehicles — because it’s the only EV on the market today that’s foremost a Mercedes- Benz. As an EV, it’s standout — with a greater driving range than many of its competitors, combined with an exceptional range of virtues you won’t find on other EVs. It’s spacious, with a flexible cabin offering generous room for five passengers. It’s sporty, with responsive handling to go with its quick acceleration. And it’s stylish, with flowing lines, excellent aerodynamics and the iconic details that make it look like what it is: A 100% Mercedes-Benz that’s also 100% electric.

Of all the EVs in its class, only the B-Class is a Mercedes-Benz. So its safety systems include such breakthroughs as ATTENTION ASSIST® to help sense a drowsy driver, and PRE-SAFE® to help prepare for an accident before it happens. Standard COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST uses radar to help the driver avoid rear-end accidents with traffic ahead.

Say goodbye to your gas station. You can “refuel” your B-Class Electric Drive by plugging it in at home. And while you can use an ordinary 120-volt outlet, upgrading your garage to a 240-volt station can cut your charge time to just a few hours. Check with your local power utility to learn about their incentives and other EV assistance programs.

An optional radar-based regenerative braking system is an EV first. When braking or coasting, a radar sensor watches traffic ahead and adapts the brakes to recapture the optimal amount of energy. Seamless and silent, it helps the driver get more miles from every charge. Steering wheel-mounted paddles offer manual control of recuperation, too.

Even with an impressive range of up to 85 miles per charge, the fun-to-drive B-Class will energize you, too. It’s easy to maneuver, eager to merge, suitable for most any commute, and simple to plug in and charge. Just two hours at a common public charging station can juice up its lithium-ion battery enough to go up to 60 miles.

Without a drop of gasoline or a wisp of tailpipe emissions, the B-Class Electric Drive whisks to 60 mph in under 8 seconds. Its advanced electric motor generates 251 lb-ft of torque (comparable to our best-selling sedan) starting at 0 rpm. So you get the full reward of its performance at any speed. Think of it as the strong, silent type.


  • B-Class Electric Drive Mile RangeB-Class Electric Drive Mile Range
    The government website has an estimate for the mile range of the new B-Class Electric Drive. Here are some of the stats: City MPGe:85 Highway MPGe:83 40 kWh/100 mi EPA range: 87 miles