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  • EV Racing – Tesla Model X P100D vs Lamborghini Aventador S Tesla Model X vs Lamborghini Aventador S Racing VideoThis Tesla Model X vs Lamborghini Aventador race video is an excellent example of what electric car technology is capable of. The Tesla Model X keeps up with the revered Lamborghini Aventador S V12 supercar, even though its billed as a 7 passenger SUV.
  • Tesla News: Musk Gives Model Y Approval & Q3 Earnings Propel Stocks Tesla News - Model Y Approval Q3 StocksMusk Gives Model Y Approval Musk is making quite a few statements, with all that SEC business behind him, and its generating a lot of buzz for Tesla. The most exciting news coming from Tesla is a brand new vehicle. Musk gave the Model Y approval for production, putting it on track for a 2020 debut. ...
  • Tesla News: Elon Musk, the SEC and the Tesla Model 3 Tesla News - Elon Musk and the SEC, Model 3Elon Musk and the SEC It was September 27th that we first heard that the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) was suing Elon Musk, now a settlement has been reached. According to The New York Times, Elon Musk will step aside as chairman of the board for 3 years and both Elon and Tesla will pay ...
  • The Top 10 Electric Cars of 2018 – EV Concepts and Production Cars lamborghini terzo millennio ev concept car top 10 of 2018Top 10 Electric Cars of 2018 Every year gets more exciting as electric cars find their place in the modern world and this year is no exception. We are seeing above standard vehicles in the electric division and competition is heating up as automakers scramble to keep up with emission regulations. Here are the top 10 ...
  • Rimac C Two – Stiff Competition for the New Tesla Roadster Rimac C TwoRimac C Two Debuts at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show The Rimac Concept One EV Supercar is widely considered one of the best EV Supercars in a long line of industry favorites, so the follow up EV has been hotly anticipated. The Rimac C Two debuted at the Geneva Auto Show this month and it did not ...
  • 2020 Tesla Roadster: Fastest Car on the Road? Compare EVs 2020 Tesla Roadster Supercar EV Why We’re So Excited About the 2020 Tesla Roadster The 2020 Tesla Roadster was a big surprise for Tesla fans. What was supposed to be the launch of the Tesla Semi, quickly turned to focus on the new Roadster. This is particularly invigorating because the original Roadster was cool, but a bit lacking. Everyone in the ...
  • Tesla Model 3 Owners Club Shows 1st In Depth Look at the Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Owners Club VideoTesla Model 3 Owners Club Video Check out all the details of the Model 3 brought to you by the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club! https://youtu.be/_DT0vDMWsq4
  • Tesla News: Layoffs, Puerto Rico and Model 3 Charges Tesla News - Model Y Approval Q3 StocksTesla Layoffs; What Does it Mean? Tesla has been busy, but not in the way Tesla fans had hoped. The Model 3 production goals didn’t materialize and now Tesla employees are finding themselves without a job. A Tesla spokesman had this to say: “Like all companies, Tesla conducts an annual performance review during which a manager and ...
  • Tesla News: Tesla Misses Model 3 Production Goal & Tesla Semi Model 3 Production & Tesla SemiTesla Misses Their Model 3 Production Goal Tesla has missed their Model 3 production deadline. Though disappointing, this news does not come as a surprise. Elon Musk himself warned his staff at the Model 3 launch party; “we are heading into manufacturing hell”. Musk readily admits there are issues with production, though he vigorously defends the ...
  • Your Guide to Buying a Tesla Model 3 – Everything You Need to Know Buying a Tesla Model 3Buying a Tesla Model 3 – Your Options in a Nutshell Thinking about buying a Tesla Model 3? This 17 minute video details all your options and highlights specific features of the Model 3. Watch the video for answers to all your Model 3 questions. It’s a bit rapid-fire at times so you may want to pause ...

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