The new 2017 Acura NSX Hybrid – Stylish Interwoven Dynamics

The 2017 Acura NSX Hybrid

For the new Acura NSX Hybrid, Acura uses the principal of Interwoven Dynamics to produce a vehicle that is both highly aerodynamic and emotionally evocative. The vehicle features Total Airflow Management, meaning the entire body is sculpted for performance.

The Acura NSX Hybrid has an impressive 573hp combined engine with 476ft lb ft of torque.
It tops out at 191mph and features Super Handling All Wheel Drive.

The NSX is made with carbon fiber. This lightweight and strong material reduces fuel consumption and increases performance. Ten functional intakes provide both air cooling and enhanced aerodynamics. A rigid space frame, low unsprung weight and specialty NSX Interwoven Wheels which can be combined with optional carbon ceramic brakes bring forth optimal handling.

The interior of the NSX is minimalistic, with emphasis on ergonomic support and freedom of movement. By keeping it simple, the driver is able to focus on the dash instruments and vehicle performance. The Acura NSX comes in your choice of red, blue, white and several greys, including one that is nearly chrome. The interior choices include black, saddle, a white named “orchid” and even red. You can special order yours today.

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