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Tesla in Forest Vancouver BC

How Do Teslas Hold Up in Real Life Ice and Snow?

Tesla long maintains that their cars do well in sub-zero conditions. However, recent severe weather events, highlighted by random TikTok and YouTube videos, seem to suggest otherwise. So what’s the truth? We’re intensely aware that it’s an important question to ask. Severe weather is becoming all too common and you

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New Tesla Roadster

2020 Tesla Roadster: Fastest Car on the Road?

Why We’re So Excited About the 2020 Tesla Roadster The 2020 Tesla Roadster was a big surprise for Tesla fans. What was supposed to be the launch of the Tesla Semi, quickly turned to focus on the new Roadster. This is particularly invigorating because the original Roadster was cool, but

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Tesla News: Tesla Roadster Battery Upgrades Arriving

Tesla Roadster Battery Upgrade In December of 2014 Tesla announced that they were partnering with LG Chem in order to create a Tesla Roadster battery upgrade. The wait is finally over! Battery packs are shipping now. If you’re interested in ordering the Tesla Roadster battery upgrade, also known as the

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Which Famous Celebrities Drive an Electric Car?

Often, changes in the US and in other parts of the world are spearheaded by famous actors, sports players, singers and politicians. For many years now, high profile individuals have been supporting the change from gas to electric vehicles. How do many in Hollywood and beyond feel about electric cars?

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A New Update For The Tesla Roadster?

A new tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk has EV car enthusiasts and racers intrigued! Is it to be that Elon Musk is fulfilling his promise to provide a new update for the Tesla Roadster including upgrades? Here’s the tweet in full: What will the upgrades entail? Stay tuned, we’ll

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Tesla Now Has 100 Supercharger Stations Worldwide!

Tesla representative James Chen was present at a ribbon cutting event this week in New Jersey, honoring the 100th Supercharger Station. Though there are 14 Superchargers in Europe, the US currently has 86 with more scheduled to be added. What does this mean for EV enthusiasts? James Chen, Tesla’s Vice

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