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Gran Turismo 7 Electric Cars

Gran Turismo 7 List of Electric Cars & PSVR2 Experience

Updated 1/9/2024 Gran Turismo has ruled the virtual racing scene, from its inception to Gran Turismo 7. And as if coming out with the most respected version of Gran Turismo to date wasn’t enough, Play Station just released the PSVR2, to rave reviews. The virtual headset allows the user to

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GM and Hertz Announce EV Mega Deal

Remember when we reported that Polestar and Hertz signed an agreement for 56,000 EVs? For Hertz, apparently, that was just the beginning! GM and Hertz just issued a joint statement with regard to their future plans. In short, GM plans to supply 175,000 cars to Hertz through 2027. According to

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Electric Muscle Cars – 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona SRT

Dodge fans may feel bitter about the discontinuation of the Challenger and Charger. But would their disappointment hold them back from purchasing the new 2024 Dodge Charger EV? While it may be hard for some to imagine that an EV could satisfy their thirst for power and adventure, Dodge is

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Polestar Logo Rear

Polestar O2 Roadster EV – The Sustainable Drone Concept

Did someone say drone? Yes, they did! – This car comes with a drone. So while you’re careening down the highway with your love, or best bud, why not spontaneously film your excursion? Now that we’ve discussed the most unusual feature of the Polestar O2 roadster, let’s move on to

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2021 Lucid Air Sedan – Get the Lucid User Experience

Who’s eagerly anticipating the roll out of the 2021 Lucid Air? At the least, the 10,000+ consumers that have given a sizeable down. Clearly, for a sedan, the Lucid Air is popular. However, not much has been known about it. We see glimpses here and there and, despite the relative

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White Tesla Model 3

Polestar 2 vs Model 3 – Everything You Need to Know

Polestar 2 vs Model 3 Tesla may rule the EV scene, but competitive options, such as the Polestar 2 are debuting rapidly in 2021. As the competition shows up, the obvious question is ‘How does it compare to a Tesla?’. While we all appreciate stats, sometimes we’d like to dig

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