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Gran Turismo 7 Electric Cars

Gran Turismo 7 List of Electric Cars & PSVR2 Experience

Updated 1/9/2024 Gran Turismo has ruled the virtual racing scene, from its inception to Gran Turismo 7. And as if coming out with the most respected version of Gran Turismo to date wasn’t enough, Play Station just released the PSVR2, to rave reviews. The virtual headset allows the user to

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Tesla in Forest Vancouver BC

How Do Teslas Hold Up in Real Life Ice and Snow?

Tesla long maintains that their cars do well in sub-zero conditions. However, recent severe weather events, highlighted by random TikTok and YouTube videos, seem to suggest otherwise. So what’s the truth? We’re intensely aware that it’s an important question to ask. Severe weather is becoming all too common and you

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Porsche Taycan Dash

Porsche Taycan VS Tesla Model S – EV Racing Video

How Does the Porsche Taycan Measure Up to Tesla? It’s been in the news that Bill Gates recently join the electric car family. So, what vehicle did he choose? Some would be surprised to find out he passed up a Tesla Model S, in favor of the 2020 Porsche Taycan.

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