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Concept One Crash – Interview With Richard Hammond & Mate Rimac

The Concept One Crash Maybe you’ve heard; Richard Hammond of the Grand Tour recently crashed and burned a 2 million dollar EV Supercar called the Concept One. The Concept One crash has garnered international attention for the show and also Rimac Automobile. 5 Things We Learned From the Crash Interview

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Wilton Classic Reviews Rimac Concept One – Takes it to the Tracks

Wilton Classic Reviews Rimac Concept One Wilton Classic Reviews Rimac Concept One, taking it to the testing track. Though Rimac reps often site the handling as the main selling point, when competing with other supercars, this video shows without a doubt that nothing else compares. Lord Pembroke of Wilton Classic is completely astounded.

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Rimac Concept One Geneva

Rimac Concept One: Re-Writing the Future of Cars

Rimac Concept One: Making the Supercar of the 21st Century Rimac is an electric car company that stands out among the crowd. Their first vehicle the Rimac Concept One is beautiful, and more importantly, it showcases engineering that is enviable. In the words of founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili,

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