2021 Lucid Air Sedan – Get the Lucid User Experience

Who’s eagerly anticipating the roll out of the 2021 Lucid Air? At the least, the 10,000+ consumers that have given a sizeable down. Clearly, for a sedan, the Lucid Air is popular. However, not much has been known about it. We see glimpses here and there and, despite the relative secrecy that surrounds it, evidence of its elevated nature is systemically doled out by Lucid. Now though, it is as if the flood gates have opened. Lucid is giving tours and explaining why the road to production is closer than ever.

Central to Lucid’s goal, is fine tuning the Air’s interface. VP of Design Derek Jenkins believes that your vehicle’s interface design should be as user-friendly as your phone. Unfortunately, most vehicles currently miss the mark. That’s one area where Lucid plans to excel. But that’s not the only area. The 2021 Lucid Air combines a finely tuned interface with a 400+mi range, wickedly fast and steady power, and a sleek interior. It’s shaping up to be a confident competitor in the EV sedan market, or as Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson clarifies, ‘the sedan market’. The future is electric! Check out this video by Lucid Motors.