The 2021 Rimac Nevera – Never a Dull Moment

Rimac Nevera

The 2021 Rimac Nevera seems to have come out of nowhere. That is, until you realize it’s the C-Two under a new name. Never a dull moment in the EV world as concepts come and go and so do their names. Nevertheless, the 150 production car sequel to the Rimac Concept One is finally here! So what makes the Nevera special? Well, just about everything.

What’s not to love about the Concept One? And yet, the Rimac Nevera takes it to another level; a level Tesla execs may be shaking their heads at. Known for unmatched handling, the Concept One has a place among the best of the best. However, Nevera reaches new heights and triumphs in the most important way – speed. When outlets like Car and Driver state “there’s no denying its significance as the moment a battery-powered car toppled the Bugatti Chiron”, it leaves no wonder as to why Bugatti chose to merge with Rimac.¬†Without further ado, here are the hard stats on a hypercar that is sure to win.

2021 Rimac Nevera Stats

1,914 HP

2,360 NM

1.85 seconds 0-60mph

3.61 seconds to 100mph

6.88 seconds to 150mph

1/4 mile in 8.58 seconds

Top speed of 256mph

120 kWh battery

Maximum range of 340/400mi

Curb weight 4,740lb

4 magnet synchronous electric motors

Level 4 autonomous driving capability and ADAS

80% charge in 20min with 500 kW charger

The Finer Points of the Nevera

Rimac focuses on the beauty of design, as well as technology. The Nevera is no exception. In reviewing the Nevera, Top Gear explains “Think of Rimac as a sort of techno Pagani, with as much focus on artistry as artificial intelligence.” Nevera sounds a lot like the Concept One – expensive, and worth every penny! That is, if you have 2.4 million dollars to burn.