The New Ford F-150 “Lightning” – What We Learned From President Biden’s Test-Drive

‘Wait, I thought Presidents of the United States weren’t allowed to drive!?’ Well, technically that’s true, at least on public streets. But knowing that the new 2022 Ford F-150 “Lightning” is hitting the scene, it’s understandable that the secret service would agree to a little bit of fun. Imagine the scene in Dearborn Michigan, as President Biden hits the accelerator on a closed course while secret service trails behind. Photographers are snapping pics and reporters anxiously await his verdict. And what does the President have to say about this new high-performance EV truck?

“This sucker’s quick”, were the President’s exact words. He then went on to reveal just how quick, to the minor dismay of Ford representatives who intended to reveal the trucks stats tomorrow at the debut. Biden estimated the new EV went from 0-60mph in about 4.4 seconds.

This stat clearly illustrates the efficiency of electric vehicles. While an exceptionally few trucks, like the Hennessey Chevy Silverado, have clocked under 4 seconds, it has required big heavy gas guzzling engines. Electric engines are a game changer. They’re known for being light-weight and using considerably less elements in manufacturing. They require less maintenance and don’t require oil changes or fuel. And with the Paris Climate Accord back on, we can see why this new EV truck would be of great interest to the President. Biden is quoted as saying “The future of the auto industry is electric. There’s no turning back.” 

When asked if he would buy the 2022 Ford F-150 “Lightning”, the President replied “yes”. Will you buy one? Maybe you need a little more information before making a decision. Check back with us soon, since the debut is tomorrow. We’ll have all the stats you’re looking for!

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