How Do 2023 Rivian R1T Owners Feel About Their Adventure Truck?


In January of 2021 we wrote about an exciting new prototype – the Rivian R1T electric truck. Now that many are delivered, how do their owners feel about them? Are they just as excited today, as when they first reserved their vehicle? This article briefly examines the pros and cons of the 2023 Rivian R1T adventure truck.

R1T Overview – Professional and Consumer Reviews

First we’ll start with professional reviews, then quickly move on to actual consumers. Rivian made the rounds with high profile vehicle review sites, and they fared well overall. Edmunds gave them an 8.4/10, Motortrend 8.3, Car and Driver 10, and Kelly Blue Book 4.5 out of 5 stars. To put it in perspective, that’s a consistently higher score than the 2023 Tesla Model S.

Many consumers have endured 3 recalls in a short space of time, which could potentially sour a customer. However, the buzz online indicates that various recalls have yet to dampen the spirits. The verdict is in – Rivian owners really love their trucks! What makes them so enthusiastic about their new ride?

Simply put, it’s the ride itself. Not only is the R1T a versatile adventure machine, the ride is as smooth as they come. This is quite unexpected, since Tesla has not equalled their success in this regard. Build quality is often a source of frustration in the early days of start-ups. But the solid construction and high-grade suspension, combined with the master handling we’ve come to expect in EVs, comes together as a win for Rivian. Customers also report better than expected interiors, lots of interior space (for even a tall family of 5), and an above average amount of cargo storage. All these factors combined make the R1T one of the most loved trucks on the market. 

Rivian R1T Reality Vs Hype

What do consumers have to say about the reality vs the hype? It’s mostly positive. It is reported though, that the truck does 0-60mph in closer to 4 seconds, rather than the advertised 3. This doesn’t seem to be a deterrent for most. Customers appreciate the instant torque and feel satisfied with a truck that is still faster than it’s competitors. 

What is bothersome for some, is that it’s not integrated with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It does however integrate Spotify and Amazon Alexa. For those wanting Apple CarPlay, there may still be hope, as some customers report successful after-market integration.

Prices can quickly rise and fall in this post COVID world. As a result, one customer reported a $20,000 increase in the price between when he reserved his R1T and when Rivian called to arrange delivery. You can imagine his shock and disappointment! However, Rivian contacted him within about 48hrs and admitted it was a mistake. They honored the original price. 

A Clear Success for Rivian

The 2023 Rivian R1T is the ultimate adventure truck. The truck is fun, a pleasure to drive and highly practical in a rapidly changing world. It’s the niche that EVs had yet to fill, a clear victory for Rivian and a pathway to success. We look forward to seeing more of these on the road!

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