Arash AF10 Hybrid Sports Car Displayed at Geneva

Arash AF10 Hybrid Sports Car

The Arash AF10 is the latest offering from the British sports car designer. It combines a petrol engine with electric motors to create an efficient and super fast hybrid sports car. Debuted at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show, this new offering from the British automaker is producing chatter.

Specifications of the Arash AF10

According to Arash‘s website, the AF10 includes 900bhp from the gas powered V8 and 1180bhp from the electric motors. This brings the total to 2080bhp. It also produces 2280nm max torque. The torsional rigidity is more than 60,000nm per degree twist force. The vehicle has 4 wheel drive. It offers a top speed of 201mph and can accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds.  The cost of the AF10 starts at 350,000 British Pounds and goes up to 1,200,000 BP.

BHP Explained

Some media outlets seem to be confused as to why Arash is boasting an unreasonably high amount of hp, yet the vehicle doesn’t seem any faster than a vehicle with one fourth of the torque. To answer that question we’ll first address the difference between bhp and hp. Bhp stands for brake horsepower. Brake horsepower is a measurement of the engine’s horsepower that does not take into consideration other factors. For example, the weight and handling of the vehicle and how the engine interacts with other components is disregarded. Bhp is often measured in a lab and represents the full potential of the engine alone. Hp is a ‘real world’ measurement of the vehicle’s power with all the elements of the vehicle taken into consideration.

What The Use of BHP Tells Us

Arash’s decision to use bhp draws our attention to two things. One, using these bigger figures has emphasized the Arash AF10, which otherwise might have garnered less attention at such a highly competitive event as the Geneva Motor Show. Second, it would seem that perhaps this new hybrid has not been fully tested or has elements that Arash wishes to improve upon before production. Whatever the case, the use of bhp obscures the vehicles true, real world potential.

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