The New Ford F150 EV Can Tow Over 1 Million Pounds

The New Ford F150 EV – Built Ford Tough

The new Ford F150 EV can tow well over 1 million pounds. We know, hard to believe, that’s why Ford created a video to show us and we’re posting it here on this site. Ford has not released stats for the new F150, however, the implications of an engine that can tow 1 million pounds is immense. Clearly – when not towing – the system has all the torque and range one might desire. It’s also likely that this new Ford EV can maintain much of its power and range, even when towing large items over long distances. Since Ford is a well established automaker, one can assume the F150 will be built well and handle well. This is a likely competitor for the well anticipated Tesla truck. Perhaps Ford even beat them to the punch?

A Ford SUV EV for 2020

Ford released a glimpse of an SUV EV in their latest video “EV Myths Busted | Winter Test”. The video centers on the advantages of winter driving in an EV, while defending EV battery durability in weather as cold as -40 degrees. Ford discusses high performance, as well as all wheel drive capabilities. For those who are patiently waiting for the promised 2020 Ford SUV EV, this was a first look at Ford’s progress.

A New Spin on an Age Old Debate?

‘Ford or Chevy?’ That’s been the singular question asked among American car enthusiasts for nearly a hundred years. But a new era has brought about a new debate: gas or electric? Now Ford is all in and they’re heavily betting on the appeal of performance. Check out the new Ford F150 EV and Ford SUV EV prototypes in these educational videos brought to you by Ford. Will your next car be a Ford EV? Ford is counting on it.

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