Genovation’s Corvette Is the Fastest EV In the World – Again

The Fastest EV In the World

Genovation has done it again! Their all electric Z06 Corvette just shattered its previous record, fiercely gripping the title “Fastest EV in the World”.

In February of this year Genovation set themselves apart as the fastest street legal electric vehicle, with a top speed of 186.8 mph. Yesterday, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, that record was left in the dust. Genovation set a new record of 205.6 mph.

Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation says of the achievement:

“We are thrilled that after setting a record earlier this year, we were able to further enhance the GXE’s performance and break our own record. We have managed to create a car that is both exhilarating for drivers and gentle on the environment.”

Genovation Proves Their Worth

Clearly Genovation is at the forefront of the EV industry when it comes to speed. Speed is a hot topic among supercar enthusiasts. Skeptics often ask, ‘When it comes to speed and performance, will an electric vehicle ever be able to compete with a gas vehicle?’ We think Genovation has answered nicely! There is little doubt at this point that EVs will soon match gas powered engines mile for mile.

Genovation’s Next Move

Though they are still in the testing and development phase, Genovation plans to bring the GXE to market in limited production. They will start taking pre-orders later this year.

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