GLM G-4 The Surprise Hit of the 2016 Paris Auto Show

The GLM G-4 Is a Surprise Hit

When attendees of the 2016 Paris Auto Show walked the grounds they expected to find offerings from the top brands in automotive. What would Ferrari debut? Is Porsche going to show off a new EV Hybrid? Instead, many found themselves instantly captivated by the GLM G-4.

About GLM and the G-4

GLM is a little known Japanese company that saw potential in a sporty design, originally intended for a gas powered American V-8 engine. Savage Rivale, the car’s European designer, was called upon by GLM to adapt the design in order to accommodate an electric drive system. The end result is both stunning and powerful.

GLM G-4 Overview

The G-4 debuted at the Paris Auto Show with a stunning blue exterior and charming white toned interior. The detail in the interior design is captivating. It is a four seater with gull-wing doors. The design allows it to maintain sportiness, while possessing some of the practical features of a sedan. The car’s output is equally impressive. Four electric engines put out a total of 400kW and 1000Nm of torque. It has a top speed of 155mph and a range of about 250mi per charge.

GLM plans to start production in Japan, with plans to extend sales to Hong Kong and Singapore. Prices are starting at about the equivalent of $225,000. GLM has not ruled out the possibility of selling the G-4 to the USA, though no plans are in the works at this time.

a02 a05 GLM G-4

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