Lotus Evija – Lotus Begins to Manufacture Their 1st Hypercar EV

The Lotus Evija is the first electric hypercar from Lotus. So, how did they do? The Evija sets a great opening salvo, packing 1,972hp. By any standard that’s an incredible feat. However, the acceleration capabilities above 60mph are grabbing the most attention, rather than the below 60mph. Although this hypercar respectably attains 0-60 in under 3 seconds, Lotus claims the Evija can reach 124mph in less than 6 seconds. How does Lotus plan to set themselves apart? It’s clearly in the surprising speed of the 60-124mph range.

Lotus’ chief test driver Gavan Kershaw says: “We put the performance in the envelope we wanted. So we’re not challenging the laws of physics, going below two seconds to 62mph, and then having a low top speed. We positioned the bandwidth of the motor to where we want the performance”. Simply put the Lotus Evija is designed for endurance. With a time of 9 seconds from 0 to a top speed of around 186mph, the Lotus stands apart from many of its competitors. But is that enough?

Lotus is known for both speed and impeccable design. This is worth noting since only a small handful of electric hypercars are on the market. While car companies like Tesla deliver speed and reasonably well designed vehicles, Tesla has struggled with build quality in the past. Conversely, more finely tuned manufacturers have struggled to deliver the speed manufacturers such as Tesla, Rimac or NIO have achieved. Simply put, the Lotus Evija is a nice car: well designed, well crafted, and fast. If you’re looking for a balance of speed and beauty, the Evija seems like a great choice.

So, what about cost? That’s where Lotus may lose the battle for your dollar. If you have always wanted to own a Lotus and would also like an all electric car, it may be worth spending the required 2.1 million dollars – you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream. Or, you could just buy a Tesla Roadster for around $200,000. While the build likely isn’t quite as good and maybe some finer points of design are lacking, your car is a little faster, has much longer range and you just saved almost $2 million. Oh and there is another catch: the Lotus Evija isn’t street legal in the US.

Still want a Lotus Evija? Who could blame you, when Lotus is such an alluring brand. Better act fast though, they’re only making 130 of these. Production is set to begin this summer – 2020.

2020 Lotus Evija EV hypercar
Lotus Evija Rear View
Lotus Evija Interior
Lotus Evija side
Lotus Evija overhead