NextEV China Plans to Compete With Tesla

NextEV China

China has long been involved in the electric car movement. Chinese auto maker BYD was manufacturing electric car sedans long before Tesla and until Tesla finishes building their lithium ion Gigafactory in Nevada, China is the only major source of lithium ion batteries in the world.

It came as no surprise then, when NextEV China joined the list of teams competing in the first FIA Formula E Championship and it comes as no surprise now that NextEV is making plans to form the first real market competition for Tesla.

With strong financial and government backing, NextEV has plans to debut an electric supercar in 2016 and enter the auto market. From there, they plan to expand to include other models, much like Tesla’s early days. Though the cars will initially be manufactured and sold in China, their long term plans are to enter the global market.

NextEV has hired on former Ford Motor Co. executive Martin Leach as Co-President and is looking to hire talented and experienced auto makers and designers through out the world. They have already tapped talent from several major car companies including BMW and Tesla.

How does Tesla feel about this new competition? They’re happy! Tesla’s mission has always been to further the electric car market and with a company like NextEV competing with them it sets the stage for world dominance (electric car dominance, that is).

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