The NextEV NIO EP9 – Fastest Car in the World – New Nürburgring Record

The NextEV NIO EP9 – Fastest Car in the World

The NextEV NIO EP9 is the fastest car in the world! They’ve set a record again, this time even beating out their gas competitors. Just a few days ago driver Peter Dumbreck announced via Twitter he had beaten the all-time production car record, with a lap time of 6:45.9. A Lamborghini Huracán had set the record just two months ago.

The NIO EP9’s History at Nürburgring

In October of 2016 the NextEV NIO EP9 set the record for fastest electric vehicle with a fastest lap of 7:05.12. No other EV had come close to this record, marking a turning point for electric cars and for NextEV. Though they had taken home the trophy in the Formula E series Season 1, this victory was the first indication that they would be able to successfully transfer their skills from the track to a production model.

Is Genovation’s Corvette Still the Fastest Electric Car in the World?

According to rate of acceleration and top speed, the Genovation Corvette is still ahead with a top speed of 209mph (the EP9 maxes out at 194mph). However, the NIO EP9’s combination of speed and performance is unmatched and its total horsepower of 1,341 dwarfs the Corvette’s 700hp.

Genovation has made no attempt to bring the Corvette to Nürburgring. Rather, Genovation’s tests have been solely tested on a drag race style track at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. While the Genovation Corvette is an impressive EV, we have yet to see that it can solidly compete with the EP9.

What exciting times for EVs!  The NextEV NIO EP9 grabbing the title of fastest lap at the world famous Nürburgring race track proves truly that the future is electric.

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