Porsche’s EV Plans | From the Taycan Sedan to the K1 SUV

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Porsche began their electric journey sooner than most luxury brands. With insight, they carefully and strategically debuted the Taycan to rave reviews. Finally, a true competitor to the Model S was born, and not just a competitor, but an EV with superior build quality and luxury. However, the Taycan was just the start of Porsche’s EV plans. This may not surprise those aware of world-wide emissions caps, what may be more unexpected though is the announcement of a 7-seater SUV, referred to as K1.

It’s true, Porsche has been heading this direction for some time now. But even so, it’s hard to shake the memory of stooping down to get into a lean, racing machine, proudly called a Porsche and instead step up into an uncommonly fast SUV with instant torque. We’d be more than happy to try it out though! First, let’s take a look at what Porsche has in the works, both big and small.

Porsche K1 SUV EV and Much More

Porsche is only recently sharing details of the 3-year K1 project, due out in 2027. According to CEO Oliver Blume it will be “a very sporting interpretation of an SUV”. The vehicle is expected to have a range of over 435mi and possibly resemble Model X-Plaid stats, such as 1000hp and a time of 2.5sec from 0-60mph. Porsche assures us it will feature the latest developments in technology, including synchronous electric motors, rapid-charging, advanced 4-wheel drive and minimal battery degradation. The SUV will also feature off-road capabilities, including ground clearance adjustment.

The $200,000+ K1 will be the flagship of a growing Porsche line-up that includes atleast 7 models. Other electric models include the Taycan, Macan, Boxster and Cayenne, due out in 2025 and 2026.

Blume says “We have a clear strategy to drive electrification forward over the next few years, aiming to deliver over 80% fully electric vehicles by 2030. It’s a very strong upward curve.” 

As Porsche stays busy making the move to electrification, we anxiously await each offering. Whether you’re looking for a Boxster EV or a 7-seater SUV, Porsche’s record of quality vehicles, whether gas or electric, has us feeling pretty positive about their plans.

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