How Do Teslas Hold Up in Real Life Ice and Snow?

Tesla in Forest Vancouver BC

Tesla long maintains that their cars do well in sub-zero conditions. However, recent severe weather events, highlighted by random TikTok and YouTube videos, seem to suggest otherwise. So what’s the truth? We’re intensely aware that it’s an important question to ask. Severe weather is becoming all too common and you want to know that your car will be your asset, not your liability.

What there is decidedly less of on YouTube is how consumers’ Toyota, GM or Ford did in recent weather events. Since all vehicles struggle in extreme weather, it’s more about what we’re personally willing to put up. Are Teslas worse than gas powered cars?

We’ve compiled a list of informative independent reviewers that tackle these questions head on. We hope this will help you make an informed decision. One thing we noted from the many videos we initially viewed is that problems with Teslas in winter seem to be more specifically associated with the Model Y and Model 3. For an overview of all Tesla models, check out what we’ve got below!

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