Thunder Power EVs – Japan’s New Sedan and SUV EV Offerings

Thunder Power SUV EVThe Thunder Power EV Sedan

The Thunder Power EV Sedan was shown at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show and it shows a lot of promise. This sedan EV competes with the Tesla Model S in terms of powerful acceleration, long range and strong innovation principals.

The sedan goes from 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds, has a 400mi range and a top speed of 155mph. Though it is designed in Japan, it is manufactured in Germany and incorporates Italian race dynamics. The sedan is also available in 2 door styling, called the 488 Limited Edition.

Thunder Power’s SUV EV Concept

There is not as much known about the SUV at this point, since it is still in the concept phase. Thunder Power’s site says about the SUV “More than simply an auto show concept, the Thunder Power SUV is a real world vehicle. Get ready for a new kind of future”. A glimpse of the SUV was offered at Frankfurt and we look forward to learning more in the near future.

Who Is Thunder Power?

From Thunder Power’s website: Recognizing that the traditional gasoline internal combustion engine would no longer be viable in the longterm, Wellen Sham was inspired to find a better way. He spent 10 years in researching sustainable cost effective and energy efficient automotive solutions. In 2011 he took control of the Taiwanese listed group Motomax and reorganized it, from a traditional consumer led business to a company focused on innovation and technology, which ultimately led to the creation of Thunder Power.”