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1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia

To place an electric powertrain in a beloved classic is sometimes viewed as sacrilege. However, to those with foresight it presents a clear advantage. The Totem GT Electric Guilia highlights this advantage beautifully. Let’s explore what makes the Totem Guilia a next level restomod!

The vehicle is sleek, it’s beautiful, it has all the characteristics of the classic Alfa Romeo, but with a twist. The obvious difference is the electric powertrain. But what sets the Guilia apart from restomod-like competitors is the ability to precisely customize. While Cadillac teases an EV with fully customizable aesthetics, the Totem GT Electric appeals to the serious driver.

EVs are naturally silent, but what if you could choose not only whether or not the vehicle made sounds, but also the rhythm, volume, pitch and vibration? And how about gears, would you prefer to drive a 4 or 6 gear trans? How much torque do you desire? Grip and handling? What if you weren’t completely satisfied with the options given? Could you negotiate with Totem to adjust the programming? Yes! 

Electric powertrains and modern software make these adjustments possible, like when Tesla pushes a new update, but Totem takes advantage of this ability to firmly put the driver in charge. This is what makes the Totem GT Electric Guilia a next level restomod. It shows us that as consumers, we may soon be able to customize our powertrains much like we adjust our air conditioning, seats, stereos, and safety features. Clearly, this points to an exciting future time for enthusiastic drivers.

Now that we’ve covered the customization capabilities, let’s get back to the Totem GT Electric Guilia’s performance abilities. We’d all like to know what this car is truly able to accomplish on the right settings. Here’s the Giulia’s firm stats.

Totem GT Electric Alfa Romeo Guilia Stats

  • 500hp +
  • Torque 1100 Nm
  • 0 to 60mph 2.9s
  • Max Speed – Electronically Limited to 158 mph
  • Range 250-300mi
  • Battery Pack – 81 KWh
  • Fast Charging 0-80% 15 min | Complete Charge 1h 15min
  • Turning Circle Diameter 13m
  • Curb Weight 2866lb

Now that you know all about what this forward-thinking EV offers, it’s time to discuss the futuristic price tag. The Totem Guilia is going to cost you a cool $500,000. Think of all the fun you could have with this fully customizable racer. Not just the pleasure of driving it, which is sure to offer much, but the joy of demonstrating this innovative restomod to others.

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