White Zombie – The Original Fastest EV in the World

White Zombie EV Portland Auto Show


The Original EV Racing Pioneer

Before there was a Genovation Corvette or even a Tesla Roadster, there was a little 1972 Datsun racer affectionately called “White Zombie”. What made this car special? It was an extremely rare modified electric and it challenged gas cars in a way that no other electric car had. While the future of electric cars was heatedly debated in upper society, White Zombie was simply doing what it did best; killing it at the track.

Zombie Origins

What started off as an entry into the 1994 Portland Oregon Electric Street Drags, turned into a 20 year legacy. In 2010 White Zombie became the first electric car to run a 10 second 1/4 mile and was dubbed the “high speed ambassador for electric power”. Owner John Wayland set out to prove that electric cars could be just as fun as gas cars. This proved to be true time and again as he raced Corvettes, Porches and the like. When Zombie continued to win, his competitors started pondering the value of electric racing.

Plasma Boy Racing

Plasma Boy Racing, home of the White Zombie, is based in Portland Oregon. It is also home to the Blue Meanie, another modified electric Datsun. Plasma Boy Racing’s slogan “We Blow Things Up So You Don’t Have To” is both amusing and indicative of their innovative nature.

See White Zombie

If you live in the Portland Oregon area, or visit frequently, its relatively easy to catch a glimpse of the historic White Zombie. Owner John Wayland frequents local car shows and occasionally shows up at the Portland Auto Show. For those of you further away, 20 yrs of racing births dozens of pictures and videos. We’ve included a couple below as well as a link to Plasma Boy Racing’s White Zombie video page. Its a thrill to see this car in action!

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