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Zero Labs Bronco EV

Looking to convert your classic car to an EV? Or maybe you’re interested in classic car EV conversions, but not a Porsche or small car, as so many of them are? Enter Zero Labs. Zero Labs challenges themselves to provide quality EV conversions, without being tied to a particular chassis. With nine models and counting, you’ll likely find something you can get behind.

Let’s take for instance the ZeroLabs Bronco. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it outputs 600hp with a range of 235mi. Classic elements are blended with precision finishing, retaining its classic charm and parameters. It’s built on a restored original chassis, which is a plus for anyone concerned with preserving history. However, this vehicle is zero emissions and customized to fit the specific platform. You can clearly see from the pictures that every detail was handled with the utmost care. It truly looks like a work of art!

These ‘works of art’ though are not without the artistic price tag. The 1st Generation Bronco is priced at well over $250,000. As Zero Labs puts it, “No rebuilder can rebuild a rare classic vehicle for the same price and volume as a mass manufacturer can stamp out new ones. By contrast, our category of Premium Classic Electric Vehicles is special in the classic and EV space, with high sentimental value to the driver who doesn’t want another mass-produced car.”

These cars appear to be very special, like a hand-made item made by a rare skilled professional that appreciates in value. Media outlets like Esquire, Top Gear, MotorTrend, and Wired sing their praises, but are they for you? You can check them out at

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