Is Apple Developing an Electric Car?

Rumored Apple Electric Car "Titan"
Rumored Apple Electric Car “Titan”

Rumors on the internet are operating in full force that project “Titan” will soon be producing the first Apple electric car. It is apparent that this rumor was first circulated, in part, by an article published in the Wall Street Journal. The article references the top secret code name “Titan” and claims that 100’s of Apple employees have been assigned to this project, which took form about a year ago. The vehicles received their first exposure, however, in places like San Francisco and Brooklyn. Several eyewitnesses reported seeing white caravans with self driving devices through out the city.

A recent article in Forbes, contributed by Chuck Jones, sheds light on some of the rumors and gives interesting and plausible alternatives to the popular speculation that Apple is producing an electric car.

Is it merely vehicle compatible software they are working on? Is Apple gathering photos for their own ‘street view’? Are they improving Apple Maps’ accuracy? Obviously we will need to wait and see, but we’d be inclined to agree with Chuck Jones, the idea that Apple is designing an electric car seems to be a stretch. Designing an electric vehicle would be a massive undertaking in a very new direction. Apple is known for consistent innovation within an established field. To be suddenly veering into another market would be, well, kind of Google-ish.

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