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EV Battery Progress | Porsche, Altech CERENERGY & Sweden

As the popularity of EVs climbs ever higher, EV battery production is a concern for manufacturers. Questions that arise include: How can the world ethically mine enough lithium? Can we really manufacture that many batteries? How can we improve upon range and battery life? Right now, there are several solutions

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Obama Announces Massive Plan For Electric Car Charging Stations

Obama’s Massive Plan For Electric Car Charging Stations The While House released a statement outlining their master plan for electric vehicles. The plan includes 48 electric charging corridors along 25,000 miles of major U.S. highways. The administration is hoping that signs indicating an electric car charging station every 50 miles

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Is BYD Auto Entering the US Electric Car Market?

  You may have heard of BYD because the company appeared on the Bloomberg Businessweek Tech 100 list in 2010. You may not have heard of BYD because it was founded in and has only sold main stream electric cars within China. However, change is in the air. BYD first

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Is Apple Developing an Electric Car?

Rumors on the internet are operating in full force that project “Titan” will soon be producing the first Apple electric car. It is apparent that this rumor was first circulated, in part, by an article published in the Wall Street Journal. The article references the top secret code name “Titan”

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A 3-D Printed Electric Car, Is This Our Future?

Kor Ecologics is beta testing a 3-D printed hybrid vehicle. It certainly makes one wonder; are 3-D printed cars the future? Will 3-D printed cars support the hybrid and electric movement? Men have been enjoying garage hobbies for as long as there have been garages. Building, rebuilding, altering vehicles, ordering

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The Future of Lithium-ion Batteries

National Geographic highlights new advancements in the world of green energy! Learn how nanotechnology has provided potential to revolutionize green energy, including electric car batteries. Read here.

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