Aston Martin Electrifies – Luxury Brand to Make EVs and Hybrids Exclusively

Aston Martin Electrifies Its Luxury Line By 2030

The world has shifted when Aston Martin electrifies their entire line! According to The Financial Times, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has announced Aston Martin is changing their entire operation. By 2030 the entire line will consist of 25 percent EVs and 75 percent hybrids.

The news came after Britain announced a ban on the sale of all petrol cars by 2040. France plans to follow suit and China continues to prefer EVs at an ever increasing rate. As Tesla’s popularity continues, Volvo has announced a plan to go all electric and luxury brands like Mercedes and Jaguar have joined the Formula E electric race series in order to pioneer electric car technology. Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes Benz Motorsport says “Electrification will play a major role in the future of the automotive industry.”

Why Specifically Is Aston Martin Going Electric?

Aston Martin’s decision to focus on electric cars is crucial for the luxury car company. As a British based company that only makes a comparatively small amount of vehicles, this is a sink or swim moment and highly costly. The decision could not have been made lightly. It is sure to impact Aston Martin financially and potentially destabilize their company for a time. However, it is clear that the winds have changed and Aston Martin must survive. The shift is clear and the end of gas powered cars is in sight.