Top 10 EVs and Hybrids From the 2017 Geneva Auto Show – New Electric Cars and Concepts


The Geneva Auto Show is in full swing this week and electric cars are a popular focus. Here are the top 10 EVs and Hybrids from Geneva this year:

1. Renault Trezor Concept

Renault first debuted the Trezor Concept last year, but this is the first opportunity they’ve had to show it off at Geneva. Check out this article about the Renault Trezor to learn more about this revolutionary EV.
top 10 evs renault trezor

2. Quant 48Volt

The Quant 48Volt is said to deliver 760hp, have all-wheel-drive and g0 from to 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds. The most captivating thing about Quant cars however, is that they operate on salt water batteries referred to as NanoFlowcell.

top 10 evs quant 48volt

3. Porsche Panamera

Porsche has been working on their Panamera Hybrid for years. These cars are exceptional and include all electric drive mode.

top 10 evs porsche panamera

4. Rimac Concept One

Rimac is a leader in EV technology and the Rimac Concept One is exceptional. Several EV and Hybrid Supercar engineers are favoring adding Rimac components to their vehicles.

top 10 evs rimac concept one

5. Vanda Dendrobium

Vanda Electrics partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering, one of the main companies that developed the powertrain of the Formula E’s first vehicles, to bring us the Vanda Dendrobium. The Dendrobium has an acceleration speed of 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds and a top speed in excess of 200mph.

top 10 evs vanda dendrobium

6. Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 has a gas powered engine, but can switch to electric mode in lower gear situations such as driving in parking lots and slow moving traffic . The hybrid system also gives the SUV more get up and go. The Audi Q8 can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds.

top 10 evs audi q8

7. Morgan EV3

Step into the past with the Morgan EV3. UK based company Morgan has designed a forward-thinking electric engine mated with a vintage car design, Steam Punk at its finest. Most would agree that the Morgan EV3 is an intriguing addition to the EV family.

top 10 evs morgan ev3

8. Techrules REN

Techrules is a Chinese based tech company that first debuted the Techrules TREV and Geneva last year. They’re back again with the Techrules REN. According to Techrules the REN packs 1,287 hp. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the REN is its use of turbines to extend electric range.

top 10 evs techrules ren

9. Koenigsegg Regera Hybrid

The Koenigsegg Regera combines three powerful electric motors and Koenigsegg’s twin-turbo V8 engine to produce 1500hp.  It includes groundbreaking technology such as the Koenigsegg Direct Drive and the first 800-volt electrical system to ever be used in a production vehicle.

top 10 evs koenigsegg regera

10. Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

This convertible EV concept car displayed by the exceptional Bentley British luxury brand is expected to have a range of over 200mi per charge and wireless inductive charging.

top 10 evs bentley exp 12 speed 6e


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the Top 10 Evs at Geneva this year! Did you get to go? What were your favorites? Please let us know in the comments below.



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