Concept One Crash – Interview With Richard Hammond & Mate Rimac

The Concept One Crash

Maybe you’ve heard; Richard Hammond of the Grand Tour recently crashed and burned a 2 million dollar EV Supercar called the Concept One. The Concept One crash has garnered international attention for the show and also Rimac Automobile.

5 Things We Learned From the Crash Interview

1. Richard Hammond has been involved in several previous crashes, the most serious of which being ten years ago when he was left in a coma.

2. The vehicle flew through the air for 30 meters before landing and tumbling several times. The Concept One crash was so severe that it left a sizable hole in the ground, which Hammond referred to as a “crater”.

3. Data confirms that Hammond was going 26mph faster on the ill fated run than all other previous runs.

4. Hammond loves the Concept One, calling it “astonishing”. Hammond also credits Rimac with the structural integrity of the car. Though he fully expected the vehicle to crush his head, it held up under the most intense circumstances.

5. The crashed Rimac Concept One was intended for a customer and is one of only 8 ever made. Rimac has no plans to remake it…and then there were 7.

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Richard Hammond and Mate Rimac Interview

Jeremy Clarkson’s Take on the Accident

Jeremy Clarkson had a few choice words to say about the accident. Read his thoughts here at The Times UK.