Tesla Now Has 100 Supercharger Stations Worldwide!

Tesla representative James Chen was present at a ribbon cutting event this week in New Jersey, honoring the 100th Supercharger Station. Though there are 14 Superchargers in Europe, the US currently has 86 with more scheduled to be added. What does this mean for EV enthusiasts?

James Chen, Tesla’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, said “What we are really doing here today is getting to our core mission of catalyzing the electric vehicle industry”.

Not only is Tesla moving ever increasingly toward realizing their dream of “curing the world of it’s oil dependency”, consumers are ever closer to obtaining free travel.  Every public charging station is free of charge. They are also capable of charging a battery to half capacity in just 20 minutes.

If the future of electric cars includes free travel, convenient charging and environmental sustainability, I think the average consumer would share my enthusiasm, in saying ‘Count me in!’.

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