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As the popularity of EVs climbs ever higher, EV battery production is a concern for manufacturers. Questions that arise include: How can the world ethically mine enough lithium? Can we really manufacture that many batteries? How can we improve upon range and battery life? Right now, there are several solutions being developed. Let’s check out some of these promising possibilities! Which one excites you the most?

Porsche Plans to Double Their Range

Porsche is a leader in the EV world and now they’re exploring new battery options. By adding to the amount of nickel and replacing graphite with silicon, they expect higher charging capabilities and more efficient energy use. The result is estimated to be a vehicle range of up to 807 miles. This is about double the current longest ranges available.

Is Lithium-ion On the Way Out?

Altech Batteries, a global company with offices in Australia in Germany, spent the last 10 years exploring an alternative to lithium-ion batteries called CERENERGY. The alternative they are developing is 50% cheaper to make than lithium-ion, won’t catch fire or explode, and is made from common materials, like aluminum, salt, nickel and ceramic. Experts believe this may be a ‘goldmine’ for Altech and a promising advancement for EV production.

Sweden Is Charging Ahead

Ideas about charging as we go get tossed around, but Sweden is putting their money where their mouth is to the benefit of all. After piloting four temporary electrified roads, they are building a permanent 13 mile stretch of road with electrified charging strips. As vehicles travel, the charging strip will recharge the battery wirelessly.

Though this concept is not new, it hasn’t been tested to this degree. Sweden’s efforts may pay off big-time for the rest of the world, provided other countries soon follow suit. The road construction project is set for completion in 2025.

As we can see, exciting times are still ahead for the EV revolution. What will they think of next?

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