Did Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Say the LEAF Will Have a 250 mile Range?

Nissan LEAF
Nissan LEAF All Electric Vehicle

Rumors around the web suggest that Nissan will soon implement a new battery system in which the Nissan LEAF would have an output of around 250 miles on a full charge. Several EV News sites are reporting on it, based upon an interview at Tokyo’s Business News channel Daily Kanban.  When pressed for answers about the future of Nissan’s electric vehicle program Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn chose to respond.

Here is a quote take directly from “Is Nissan working on new batteries? Ghosn: “Yes.” Can you tell us more? Ghosn: “No.” Will the range double? Ghosn: “Yes.” That means more than 400 km? Ghosn: “Yes.”

According to reports, Nissan’s chief spokesman Jeff Kuhlman followed up with the words “we believe that we can… very soon take the issue of range off of the table. In other words, cars with a comparable range to today’s petrol vehicles.”

This is truly exciting news for EV car enthusiasts and especially for Nissan LEAF fans! Will it really happen? Only time will tell, but so far Carlos Ghosn has been selective in his projections and has proven that he can deliver on his promises. We wait with eager anticipation!