Making the Environment and Nissan LEAF Owners Happy?

Nissan LEAF

Is Nissan making the environment and Nissan LEAF owners happy? That’s the claim Nissan made recently in regard to the Nissan LEAF and guess what; here’s evidence to support it! Nissan has currently sold 200,000 LEAFs worldwide and sales continue to grow at an ever increasing rate. This shows that Nissan LEAF owners are still happier than ever and telling their friends.

The zero emissions LEAF, which Nissan launched four years ago, is by far the top-selling electric vehicle through out the world. This year alone sales are up 20 percent and expected to rise rapidly as battery capacity increases (See Did Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Say the LEAF Will Have a 250 mile Range?)

This is an impressive accomplishment among mainstream car manufacturers. To date, no other established car company has been able to compete with Nissan’s success. Although Tesla’s progress has been impressive, Nissan has sold 200,000 LEAFs while Tesla’s focus has yielded just under 50,000 Model S cars. Clearly, both companies have been highly successful in their endeavors. However, the vast difference in numbers underscores the success of the LEAF in the mainstream consumer market.

So why are Nissan LEAF owners so smitten? Ask them! They can be found anywhere and everywhere.

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