Tesla News: Tesla Flagship Store Opens in San Francisco

Tesla Flagship Store Opens

The newly appointed Tesla flagship store in San Francisco, has opened to the public. This designated storefront is Tesla‘s largest North American sales, service and delivery center.

Tesla’s decision to open their flagship store in San Francisco, may come as a surprise to some. San Francisco is known for its walkers. One fifth of residents don’t own a car and ride sharing services are at a peak. So why would Tesla choose San Francisco to open their largest store? The answer is rather simple. Jon McNeill, Tesla’s president of global sales and service, said in a recent interview “Model 3 reservations skew young and urban…What makes this our flagship store is that the Bay Area is really our home.” Tesla’s production facility is based in Fremont, just outside of San Francisco. Tesla headquarters are in nearby Palo Alto.

Though San Francisco is known for its walkability, it is also known for its commitment to environmental causes. Tesla Motors is betting on this by opening a large, easily accessible facility that will further the people of San Francisco’s interest in electric vehicles.

The new flagship store was chosen with high output in mind. Tesla plans to deliver thousands of Model 3’s through their San Francisco storefront. Originally built as a Chevrolet showroom in 1937, the same year the Golden Gate Bridge was formed, the 65,000 square foot facility affords Tesla plenty of room for growth.

San Francisco is only one of many new sales facilities. Tesla is gearing up to reach their target of 500,000 vehicles by 2018. They currently operate 260 stores worldwide and plan to open 40 more by the end of this year. Their goal is to reach 440 stores worldwide by 2018.

Are you planning a trip to San Francisco? Perhaps you’ll want to add the Tesla flagship store to your sight seeing list.

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