Tesla Gigafactory Grand Opening Set For July 29th

Tesla Gigafactory Grand Opening

The Tesla Gigafactory grand opening is planned for July 29th, according to Teslarati.com. Opening the factory is a giant step for Tesla and for the world. Not only has Tesla found a way to mass produce lithium batteries, but they’re doing it cheaper, in the US. This is no small feat considering up to this point the vast majority of lithium ion batteries have been produced in China.

A Factory for the Future

The gigafactory promises to be a catalyst for mass production of EVs. Once the gigafactory is in place, Tesla plans to produce ten times more cars each year than current production allows.  Soon to follow will be Faraday Future’s plans, also in the Nevada area, to mass produce electric vehicles. Surely, gas is a wave of the past!


Learn More About the Gigafactory.

Tesla Gigafactory tentative invite, taken from Teslarati:

Tesla Gigafactory Grand Opening Invite
Tesla Gigafactory Grand Opening Invite

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