Tesla: The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors

Teslas In the Real World

What’s it like to own a Tesla in the real world? We’ve compiled this list, aptly named Tesla; the good the bad and the ugly, to help you sort through the hype. Find out if Tesla is the right choice for you!

Tesla’s Safety Standards

Tesla has received the highest marks in safety standards, but how do their models hold up in true examples? Very well. There have been many stories documented by Tesla owners. These stories shed favorable light on Tesla’s safety features in the event of an accident. Several consumers have credited Tesla with saving their life. In a recent article on, a Tesla owner recants the story of when his Tesla autopilot correctly took over to prevent an accident.

There have been a few fatalities, but we couldn’t find any stories that did not seem extreme. For example, one fatality involves a Model S plunging off a cliff, while another was hit by a dump truck.

Problems With Teslas

Every brand has their good and bad, let’s review some of Tesla’s problems:

News outlets have reported recently that the first Model X recall has already taken place. Many Model X customers have also complained of “double vision” at night due to the overhead windshield.

Consumer Reports gave the Model S high ratings, but noted problems in a subsequent review. After surveying Model S customers, they had received about 1,400 survey responses that had detailed various problems. Though most of these problems are being corrected at no cost to the consumer, the process can be off-putting to some. Squeaks and rattles seemed to be the largest complaint. Also mentioned were inoperable wipers, leaking battery cooling pumps, out-of-alignment trunk and hatchback latches and persistent wheel-alignment issues.

Also of note, is the troublesome process that consumers often go through when their Tesla is in an accident. In one of the links below, a Tesla Model S owner chronicles the hassle he endured as a result of his insurance company, the newness of Tesla Motors and the expensive repairing process of the Model S.

 Overall Customer Satisfaction

Kelly Blue Book ( lists 60 customer reviews of the Model S. The overall satisfaction rating is 9.6 out of 10. If you would like to read the individual reviews, you can follow the KBB link below. We’ve provided several links to help you explore Tesla; the good the bad and the ugly.