Tesla News: Watchdog Is Against Autopilot & No More Grey Option

Consumer Watchdog Is Against Autopilot

Consumer Watchdog, located in Santa Monica, CA, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an effective voice for consumers. On December 1st, 2016 they published a highly critical piece on Tesla’s Autopilot, adding to the growing list of consumer organizations that have renounced Autopilot. Of note is the fact that Consumer Reports, a well established and respected source, has also taken a hard stance against Autopilot.

Consumer Watchdog reports on their website: “The problem is that Tesla encourages people to believe Autopilot can do more than it really can,” said Simpson. “The name itself is a huge problem.” …“How many more lives must be lost and crashes happen before Tesla Chairman Elon Musk will take responsibility and act to protect our safety?”…“Tesla should stop using drivers as human guinea pigs and disable autopilot. Musk needs to stop irresponsibly hyping what the feature can do. It’s not self-driving and drivers must be completely engaged with their hands on the wheel.”

Grey Seats Are No Longer An Option on Tesla Model S and Model X

Yes, the long held option of grey seats has been replaced on Tesla‘s website by ‘Ultra White Premium’. No word on whether Tesla will will be offering another grey color in the near future. Until then, we hope you like white!

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