Tesla News: First Model 3’s Delivered and Tesla Commercial Contest Winner

First 30 Model 3’s Delivered

The first 30 Model 3’s delivered at Tesla headquarters in Fremont, CA on Friday were met with great anticipation and a rocking’ party. The occasion started off with an inside look at the company, followed by a video tour of the new Gigafactory, still under construction in Las Vegas. Tesla CEO Elon Musk then took the stage in a red Model 3 and briefly guided the audience through a tour of the vehicle.

The Model 3’s safety features were discussed, including a comparison to the Volvo S60 which is currently considered the safest vehicle on the road. After showing a crash test clip, Elon Musk is quoted as saying; “the Volvo is arguably the second safest car in the world, since the Model 3 took less damage in the same crash test”.

Though Tesla has only produced a total of 50 Model 3’s at this point, Elon Musk warns his employees that they are now entering “production hell”. Tesla plans to output 5,000 Model 3’s a week by December, an ambitious plan but one that is surely needed. Tesla is expected to deliver 400,000 preordered Model 3’s in 18 months.

The Model 3 delivery event also revealed the winner of the Tesla Commercial Contest named Project Loveday. Bria Loveday, 5th grader and contest author, was on hand to crown the winner!

The Tesla Commercial Contest Winners

#1 Tesla Commercial – Tesla Project Loveday Contest Entry!

#2 Tesla Commercial – Spaceships. For Earth.

#3 Tesla Commercial – Sonja’s Super Quick Tesla Fan Video