Tesla Owners Italia Breaks the Record for Longest Distance on a Single Charge

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Tesla Owners Italia Breaks Record and Barriers

Tesla Owners Italia, and Tesla, broke the record for longest distance traveled on a single charge. The Model S P100D traveled 1078km (669mi), far more than the previous record set in June of 911km (566mi). Tesla is now officially the first car company to build an all electric model that is capable of exceeding 1000km on a single charge. This latest accomplishment shows that Tesla’s work continues to be a key element in securing the future of EVs. Elon Musk congratulated Tesla Owners Italia on their, and his, accomplishment.

Official Press Release from Tesla Owners Italia:

World record for electric vehicles:
A Tesla ModelS runs 1078 kilometers (669,83 miles) without recharging with the patronage of “Provincia di Salerno”

1078 kilometers with one batery charge: this record, untl a few years ago was impossible to reach for an electric producton car, has been beaten the 4th August 2017 by a Tesla ModelS 100D that ran 1078 kilometers in 29 hours. The challenge was organized and won by Tesla Owners Club Italia, a non-proft associaton recognized by Tesla as the ofcial Owners Club for Italy, Ticino and the Republic of San Marino, which promotes the transiton from fossil to renewable energy. The route was planned on the suburban roads of Salerno, in the south of Italy. The car is a normal producton car with standard low rolling resistence tyres; during the test the Ac was kept of and a smooth driving approach helped to reach the target. The average speed of 40 km/h (24,85 mph), recorded at the end, is realistc for a smooth city road. Five members of the Italian Tesla Owners Club have driven the car one by one: “The driving was made simply by the semiautonomous driving system,” says one of the drivers, Rosario Pingaro, “which helped us to keep a constant speed in the middle of the lane”; in the driver’s seat also Daniele Invernizzi, vice president of the Club, founder of eV Now! and promoter of the new traveling initatve “Tesla Destnaton Tour”. In this regards Daniele Invernizzi explains: “Today’s challenge is a really important Hypermiling test for our Tesla Destnaton Tour”.

“To complete the 1078 km record distance, we used 98.4 kW/h of electricity, which are equivalent to 8 liters of gas- 3,78 gallons,” explains Tesla Owners Club Italia President Luca Del Bo. This has been possible thanks to the very high output of the electric engine that transforms in moton the 95% of the energy. Just consider that the most efcient combuston engines today do not exceed 30% efciency. ” The record was ofcially issued by a public notary.

The previous world record, which took place in Belgium with a Tesla ModelS P100D, stopped at 901.2 kilometers.

Tesla Owners Italy – Technology and Environment – Tesla Owners Club Italy-Ticino The Republic of San Marino fully matches the Tesla strategy and Elon Musk’s vision to complement the producton of electric vehicles to the one of products and services dedicated to the producton and storage of electric energy both domestc and civil and industrial. Our members are owners of Tesla vehicles and fans joined by the desire to accelerate the transiton process from a fossil energy based economy to a resource based economy, then on the producton of renewable energy. The next event organized by Tesla Owners Italy will be September 15th to 17th in Vicenza during the “Città, Tecnologia, Mobilità sostenibile-CiTeMos”.

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