Tesla’s Updated Model S

Cosmetic Model S Updates

For the first time since the debut of the Model S, the front end has been redesigned. The change is minor and the new design is being implemented immediately. This means that 2016’s that have already been produced will have the previous front end and the new ones will have the updated front end.  This goes contrary to automotive tradition, but it is common among startups. Perhaps in the future, Tesla will save redesigns for the subsequent production year. However, it seems to be Tesla’s moto that changes occur as they come up. The changes to the front end reflect the style of the recent Model X and Model 3.

Tesla has also updated Model S interior options. The interior trim is now available in Dark Ash Wood Decor and Figured Ash Wood Decor.

Performance and Efficiency Updates

The Model S will now include “Bioweapon Defense Mode”. This mode was first introduced on the Model X. It includes a HEPA filtration system said to remove “99.97 percent of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from cabin air.” Tesla has named it Bioweapon Defense Mode because the system is literally so effective it can be used to thwart a bioweapon attack.

The onboard charger has also been updated. It now has a capacity of 48 amps, which brings the total amps up by 8. This will enable the vehicle to charge faster when its connected to fast charge outlets.

It’s a little surprising that there has not been a battery update. However, Tesla is continually working on battery capacity so we may be seeing an update on that as well in the near future. At present, the max capacity available for the Model S in 90kWh.

A Change in Price

The changes being implemented for the Model S result in a modest price increase of $1500.00.

For a detailed list of Model S features, you can view the Tesla Model S page on telsamotors.com.

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