Pininfarina Battista Anniversario – “To Be the Best”

It’s not often these days that the year 2020 is spoken of with glowing favor. However, in 2020 Pininfarina reaches a significant milestone and they plan to celebrate. With the 90th anniversary of Pininfarni Automobili, comes the all-electric Pininfarina Battista Anniversario.

Poalo Pininfarina reflects on his grandfather’s legacy saying: “My grandfather was always unsatisfied” – never feeling like he’d reached the top of what was possible. In commemoration of his legacy, Paolo says, “The target of this car was to be the best Italian electric car ever: the best performance, the best design, the best aerodynamics…”

Did they achieve their objective? Let’s check out some stats!

Pininfarina Battista Stats

The Pininfarina Battista is an electric hypercar with 1900hp, meaning this street car has twice the power of a Formula 1 race car. Although a few automobile companies have managed to attain this, they are few and far between. The vehicle goes 0 – 60 in 1.9 seconds, has a limited top speed of 217 mph and a range of about 250 miles. Pininfarina source their battery from Rimac, as many other car companies do, and it contains 120kWh.

The Battista advertises torque vectoring, which is something Rimac is known for perfecting in EVs, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they sourced more from Rimac than the battery alone. In fact, it’s been said that the Battista closely resembles the Rimac C-Two. For example, the acceleration stats are almost identical. Does this mean you’re basically getting a C-Two? Not exactly.

Pininfarina is known for creating some beautiful alluring hypercars and this one is no exception. The carbon fiber body is meticulously designed, with air flow in mind. Wing mirrors filter air into the side vents and air also flows over the car and through the rear spoiler, creating down force and air breaks. The butterfly doors are hinged on the roof and the interior is nearly fully customizable. The exterior also comes with a plethora of options.

So how many Anniversarios will be made? Pininfarina plans to make only five. By this time they are most certainly spoken for. However, an additional 150 Battistas are planned for production, with 50 available to the US. Estimates on cost are in the vicinity of $2.5 million.

Is Battista the Best Hypercar EV in Italy?

In regard to their goal of creating the best EV in Italy, did Pininfarina do justice to their legacy? Yes, yes they did. And though well respected Italian car companies like Ferarri and Lamborghini have dipped their feet into the electric car market, Pininfarina stands apart.

Pininfarina procured an all-star team of design and engineering experts and collaborated with Rimac to bring it all together. So while it may have been the pride of Battista Farina that fueled Pininfarina in the early days, it seems humility propels them now.