The Cadillac Celestiq – Endless 3D Printed Customizations

Have you ever wanted to customize your car, like you customized your Robe? Or decorate it, like you decorated your home? Well now you can, with the Cadillac Celestiq. That is, if you have more than $300,000 to spare. And if you do, this just may be the most fun you’ve had in years!

Imagine picking up a friend in your new car, but it’s not just any new car, it’s a one-off. Sure it’s called the Celestiq, same as Mr. Jones’ car over there, but yours is different, it acutely reflects “you”. You painstakingly chose one of over 200 exterior colors. The steering wheel, interior trim and flooring were matched by you. The metal elements on the door sill show a design unlike anyone else’s and the dash displays your signature. The floor mats bear your initials…we could go on and on. Cadillac, once a staple of luxury, is reaching out to reclaim their former glory, and what are they hedging their bets on? 3D printed customizations!

Cadillac Celestiq Stats

Now that we’ve established the selling point on this new Cadillac EV, the stats aren’t bad either. The Celestiq contains two electric motors (one on each axle) that generate a total of 600hp and 640 lb ft of torque. According to Cadillac, this allows the all-wheel-drive sedan to reach 60mph in 3.8 seconds. With a 111-kWh battery pack, the Celestiq has a max range of 300mi.

Any technology GM developed in recent years, surely incorporates into the Celestiq. Cadillac has confirmed GM’s Ultra Cruise hands-free driver assist technology, Magnetic Ride Control, Active Anti-Roll Bars, Pillar-to-Pillar HD LED Display and the first-ever “Digital Micromirror” Headlights that feature 1.3 million pixels each.

Modern Comfort

In true Cadillac style, comfort and modern rideability is a priority. An 11 inch touchscreen graces the center console and 8 inch touchscreens engage back seat passengers. The Celestiq features 4-Zone climate control, including heated and cooled cushions, as well as highly adjustable rear seats.

You likely noticed from the pictures that this EV is exceptionally sleek, though we’re told you have to see it in person to truly appreciate it. There’s no belt molding or door handles. Rather, the key fob ‘wakes the car’ when it’s within 15ft, causing it to light up in the right places.

We mentioned the excitement of picking up a friend in your fully customized car, but think for a moment about the reaction you may get just driving down the street. If we saw you, we’d definitely want a closer look! So the question to ask yourself is – Am I ready to make a splash? If you are, the 2024 Cadillac Celestiq is ready for you. It enters production in December of 2023.