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Classic Car EV Conversion Porsche 911

Excellent Classic Car EV Conversions | Moment Motors

For those that love classic cars, and also like to move with the times, a classic car EV conversion is a thrilling solution. It would seem that nobody is doing it better than Moment Motors. Have a classic Porsche, Ford Bronco or DeLoreon? No problem! These pros do it all,

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Mercedes Joins Formula E, Quits DTM’s Gas Powered Race

Mercedes Joins Formula E in 2019 Mercedes joins Formula E in the sixth season, 2019/2020. They are leaving the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) race in favor of focusing purely on Formula E. This is a bold move for Mercedes Benz, but they firmly believe their electric line is of the

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The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept Car – 2016 Paris Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Auto Show. The EQ was designed as a sporty SUV coupe and features all wheel drive. The name EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence” and is modeled after the ideals of the Mercedes-Benz brand, “Emotion and Intelligence”. The

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The Mercedes Maybach 6 Really Is 18 Feet Long

The Mercedes Maybach 6 Length Verified As soon as the Mercedes Maybach 6 was debuted, during the famed Monterey Car Week, news outlets began reporting the car as 18.5 feet in length. This seems an impossibly large number, so we felt compelled to do some digging. After visiting Mercedes official

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B-Class Electric Drive Mile Range

The government website has an estimate for the mile range of the new B-Class Electric Drive. Here are some of the stats: City MPGe:85 Highway MPGe:83 40 kWh/100 mi EPA range: 87 miles

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Mercedes S500 Plugin Hybrid Officially For Sale

Looking for a Plugin Hybrid, but want something a little more luxurious than your typical Hybrid?  How about a Mercedes S500?  Well, if you have about $150,000 to spend on one, you can put in your order today! Contents of Press Release: Sales release for S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID: First

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