The Mercedes Maybach 6 Really Is 18 Feet Long

The Mercedes Maybach 6 Length Verified

As soon as the Mercedes Maybach 6 was debuted, during the famed Monterey Car Week, news outlets began reporting the car as 18.5 feet in length. This seems an impossibly large number, so we felt compelled to do some digging. After visiting Mercedes official Maybach page, and doing a little math, we were able to verify this monstrous number. Once we converted from millimeters to feet, it actually worked out to being 18.7 ft in length.

To help us put this in perspective, we’ll reference two common vehicles. The Honda Odyssey minivan is 16.9 ft long and can transport 8 people. A regular length Ford Transit cargo van is 18.25 ft in length. The Mercedes Maybach 6 is longer than either of these and seats only 4 people. Truly the Maybach sport car is a ‘boat’!

Maybach Specs

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 operates with four electric motors and features all-wheel drive. The vehicle has performance characteristics typical of a sports car, with acceleration of 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds. It has a governed top speed of 155mph and a range of over 200 miles.

Mercedes’ Bold Move

This is a bold move by Mercedes, and not necessarily one that will pay off. The Maybach has generated much news, but just imagine finding a parking space? The impractical design of the vehicle may hinder buyers from reliving the bygone era of oversized luxury vehicles. Alas, this is only a concept car. Perhaps Mercedes will scale it down in size before production begins.

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