The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept Car – 2016 Paris Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Auto Show. The EQ was designed as a sporty SUV coupe and features all wheel drive. The name EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence” and is modeled after the ideals of the Mercedes-Benz brand, “Emotion and Intelligence”.

The vehicle contains two electric motors and consumers will be able to purchase up to 300kW batteries. This will give the EQ a range of about 300 miles. When you need a charge, things couldn’t be easier. Simply pull into your garage and drive over a wireless charger that resembles a digital scale.

In keeping with many of the recent electric concept cars, Mercedes draws your attention to the touch screen instrument panel, implying that the panel can be tailored to the individual driver. While we have seen vehicles in the past that mildly customize the dash, the new electric concepts are taking it to a whole new level. Traditional knobs are no where to be found. Gliding your finger over a sensor will open a window, lock a door and even turn your AC on or off.

Though Mercedes had not shown an overt interest in electric cars, their presence at the Paris Auto Show revealed a keen interest in the success of EVs. Not only was a new electric design revealed, it was made clear that this is the first of many. In fact, according to Mercedes the principles used in making Generation EQ will be used to design all Mercedes cars now and into the future. Clearly, they see the future and are determined to be a part of it.