The Charge Mustang – A New Take On An Old Classic

Charge Mustang EV

An Electric Mustang

What’s better than an electric Mustang? Pretty much nothing. The Mustang has long been heralded as the most iconic car of our time and now you can own one guilt free. This zero emissions beauty is made by Charge, with an officially licensed 1967 Mustang shell. How fast and efficient is this new EV Mustang?

Charge Mustang Stats

Here are the stats you’re looking for:

  • 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds
  • Range of 200+mi.
  • 63 kWh Battery
  • 50 kW DC Charging
  • 400 kW Peak Power
  • 7500 Nm Wheel Torque
  • 1520 Nm Motor Torque
  • 4iWD Drive

Charge aims to bring zero emissions and peak performance to the ’67 Mustang, but along with that they’ve implemented key safety features. The braking system is equipped with modern advantages such as ABS, traction control, electronic stability and AVH (Auto Vehicle Hold). Front facing cameras detect traffic signals and lane departures and offer adaptive cruise control, as well as automatic emergency braking. Features like lightweight composite body panels, LED lights, keyless entry and a driver interface bring this classic up to date.

About Charge

Charge is a British automotive company based in London. Some may find that a little unsettling: ‘Isn’t the Mustang an American icon???’ However, keep in mind that Shelby originally sourced their Cobra shells from Britain so, you know, turn about is fair play. Plus, there are good reasons to be excited about Charge’s rendition. For one, many of their components are sourced from EV technology company Arrival and AI racing platform¬†Roborace. This gives their products the most advanced technologies and components. If that wasn’t enough, their engineers have worked on projects for McLaren Automotive, Jaguar Land Rover and F1 Racing Teams. These guys are well equipped to bring the new electric Mustang the status it deserves.

Ordering the Charge Mustang

How can I order one of these electric Mustangs? First, you’ll need $450,000. Yes, you read that right. These futuristic cars have a futuristic price tag! But while a gas powered Mustang typically costs much less, the Charge Mustang features state of the art new technology. Many would say it’s worth it to own this piece of EV history. If you think so, click here to reserve your Mustang EV from Charge. They’re only making 499 of these.

The rest of us will just watch this awesome video featuring Lucas DiGrassi.