Wallbox Sets Up Shop in Arlington, Texas – EV Charging Solutions

The pandemic has halted a great many businesses, but not EV charging solutions company Wallbox. It would seem 2021 is their busiest year ever. On June 9th Wallbox announced a merger with Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. II. Now they are setting up shop in Arlington, Texas with plans to electrify America. But why Arlington? And who is Wallbox?

Wallbox was founded in 2015 by then Tesla employee Enric Asunción, and Eduard Casteñeda. As Program Manager of Charging Installations for Tesla in Europe, Asunción focused on more efficient charging solutions. Wallbox has gained attention for their Bidirectional EV charging, which has a stabilizing effect on the grid. Now they’re bringing that technology to the Dallas/Ft Worth area. But why Texas?

Wallbox strategically chose Arlington, Texas as its first North American Manufacturing hub. According to Wallbox, Arlington was chosen due to “the city’s position as a central transit hub between the East and West coasts”. Also, “its access to cross country highway corridors and central location to other major cities in the region”. Whatever their reasons, we’re happy to welcome Wallbox to the neighborhood!

Wallbox Arlington TX bidirectional charging

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