Faraday Future Plans – Formula E & Autonomous Driving

Faraday Future Joins Formula E

Faraday Future joins Formula E by partnering with Dragon Racing. This move will promote the Faraday brand and also help develop and refine their technology. Faraday plans to start production of electric vehicles shortly and they’re using all available avenues to improve, including the Formula E race series.

Faraday’s Future Plan

Faraday believes that Formula E will help them improve performance, technology and connectivity. They also hope to use the series to publicize technological milestones and “bridge the gap between fans and car makers”. As enthusiasm builds for this new race series, Faraday Future plans to be in the thick of it.

Faraday Future – Full Steam Ahead

Faraday Future has been turning heads quite a bit recently. They are taking advantage of every avenue, strategically placing themselves in EV history. For example, they plan to build a large factory in Nevada. Faraday applied for a permit to build a factory in California as well and acquired an autonomous vehicle testing permit.

Faraday Future has also been busy hiring new execs. They have signed on James Chen, former VP of Tesla and Marco Mattiacci of Ferarri.

It’s clear that Faraday Future is on a straight path to become the next big electric car manufacturer. So far, it would seem they are in the best position to overtake Tesla. Time will tell, but the future looks bright for Faraday.

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