Ford Debuts the “Mustang Lithium” – Electric Mustang at SEMA 2019

2021 Mustang Mach E

Does a “Mustang Lithium” Mean Ford is Going Electric?

Remember Ford’s announcement to pair down to basics? This no doubt came as a surprise to some. But if you follow electric vehicle news, you may have surmised that Ford was gearing up for something big. Would Ford go electric? That question was answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’ at the 2019 SEMA Show. On the heels of the all-electric Ford F150 and rumors of a sporty electric crossover SUV, the “Mustang Lithium” electric Mustang makes its debut. No doubt the future of Ford is electric! Where does that leave Ford’s loyal fans, who have loved their gas powered engines since the first time they got behind the wheel? It’s clear Ford has asked themselves this very question, as Ford and electric vehicles come full circle.

What About Ford’s Gas Powered Fans?

The “Mustang Lithium” lives up to and beyond the Mustang’s reputation for speed, with an 800-volt battery and more than 900hp. While this is impressive, it leaves gas fans to wonder: ‘Can an electric car be fun to drive? I can’t imagine I won’t miss churning through the gears!’. While Ford is cognizant of changing winds in the auto industry, they clearly recognize the concerns of their fans. Therefore, the new electric Mustang is designed with a six-speed manual gearbox. If the driver is content with typical EV acceleration, the Mustang can be placed in 3rd gear and remain there. For those who prefer a more involved experience, they can enjoy the thrill of shifting through gears. However, electric systems deliver instant torque, so cycling through gears will only decrease acceleration. The good news is, with 900hp in your arsenal, you could stand to lose a few.

About the New Mustang EV

Would you like all the details of this unique, currently one of a kind – but soon to be mass produced, Mustang EV? Check out the “Mustang Lithium” press release here.